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April 11, 2019

Finalists in the National Wacken Metal Battle in 2018, Hammerdrone, hailing from Calgary, Canada has been an anchor in the Canadian underground metal community for just shy of a decade. Over this time, they have developed a face-melting brand of old school melodic death metal, at once aggressive and mellifluous. Combining intense aggression, dark atmosphere and elegant melodies, Hammerdrone’s powerfully intense live show is a “once seen, never forgotten” experience. No clean singing, no symphonics.



“No idea why a label hasn’t snatched these guys up yet.” – Bravewords


“There’s no substitute for good songwriting, and Hammerdrone have that concept well in mind. If you are looking for a new death metal band to seek out, Hammerdrone is a great starting point.” – Dead Rhetoric


“Hammerdrone are the complete package; professional, talented and heavy as hell.” – Metal Rules


“Frontman Graham Harris was on fire during the entire concert, growling and roaring (and also making faces) like a beast, while his bandmates Rick Cardellini (lead guitars), Curtis Beardy (rhythm guitars), Teran Wyer (bass) and Vince Cardellini (drums) delivered a well-balanced fusion of the more harmonious lines from Melodic Death Metal with the sheer heaviness and aggressiveness of old school Death Metal.” – The Headbanging Moose (Wacken Metal Battle Canada 2018 National Final)



“Our music is all about power. Not in a power metal way, but it’s intense,” says Harris.  “I think what we do that is a little different than what other people do, is that most people who go for heaviness it’s kind of crunchy, crunchy, you know what I mean, heaviness, or it’s really technical. That’s not what we are about. It’s about songwriting. Having that level of intensity over seven minutes is where we seem to be going.”

 - BeatRoute (Re: Clone of Europa)



"Fast paced with magnificent guitar solos against the turbulent rhythms, the video is a chance to see the band in action in a live show style plus a teaser to their forthcoming EP entitled A Trinity Of Rage due out later in 2019. The EP will follow the band's 2018 live EP Rituals Of Battle along with LPs Dark Harvest (2017) and Clone Of Europa (2014).


“We’ve been playing 'An Ever Increasing Wave' live for some time and it always goes down well with the crowd. It’s true to the sound we’ve been developing over the last 8 years in that it combines tremendously focused aggression with atmosphere and melody.”


Drawing inspiration from classic bands such as At The Gates, Kataklysm, Amon Amarth and more recently Mgla and UADA, the single will be enjoyed by a wide variety of death metal fans.


The single is available on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify."

- Bravewords Exclusive Video Release










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