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February 11, 2019

Technical Damage is a five-piece metal band based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Formed in late 2016, the band has sought to balance the extremes of metal with multiple other genres of music to create a sound that forms a bridge between fury, tranquility, peace and rage. Led by frontman Kurtis Jeffrey, the band’s live performances are defined by the intricate solos and riffs of guitarists Peter Bagchi and Harrison Shaw, with drummer Michael Bagchi and bassist Chris McIlroy providing a powerful rhythm section.


Described as both crushingly heavy and melodically uplifting, Technical Damage finds their  

greatest influences in bands such as Misery Signals, Between The Buried And Me, 7 Angels 7

Plagues, Lamb of God, Intervals, Architects, and Beyond Creation. Technical Damage takes great pride in their roots within the Vancouver metal scene, and is profoundly influenced by local groups such as Neck of the Woods and The Hallowed Catharsis. In 2018, Technical Damage released their debut album, The Introspect, to positive reviews. In 2019, Technical Damage will seek to continue establishing themselves as a mainstay in the Vancouver metal scene while gaining additional exposure in Canada through touring, playing many of Western Canada’s metal festivals, and radio play.


"Technical Damage believes in supporting local music by attending local events, meeting artistsand fans, and networking with professionals who seek to better the health of the WesternCanadian metal scene as a whole."- Technical Damage






Everything Is Forever 









Crystal Angels 



II: Awakenings 






The Introspect 



The Introspect - Released September, 2018.


Interviews / Reviews:


What goals do you have for the album?

"Our first goal was always to ensure that we maintained our integrity as artists and created something original that we were proud of. If it wasn’t dynamic or original, it wasn’t going to cut it for us. Our goal moving forward is to use The Introspect as a springboard to further ourselves as a band and create a line of communication for metal fans around the world. We have been featured in magazines and online publishers from Mexico, Italy, The United States, Germany and Russia. We want to keep creating the music we love while extending our reach to the people who are searching for new and original music that isn’t afraid to push the traditional boundaries of the genre."

- Wonderbox Metal

 (Interview with Kurtis Jeffrey, frontman)


"The music ranges from the furious to the tranquil, using heaviness as a weapon while also remembering that peace is also a thing. The retrospective, calmer moments are presented as naturally-occurring facets of the music, and the band operate in a few different arenas at the same time, although the biggest one is the more modern, shiny metallic variety."

- Wonderbox Metal

(Review of The Introspect)


"Music can at times be considered Djent (oh how I hate that term) but as Reshape shows, they are so much more than that. Technical Damage fits a lot into their songs and musically they are incredibly tight. The mathy elements towards the end take things in another direction as well."


“ ‘The Introspect’ is a promising debut that leans a little too heavily on the tried and tested styles
of the genre, and I’d like to see Technical Damage branch out a little further. The musical talent
is exemplary, so they have the chops to do it. I’ll be following these guys closer in the future,
because if they can build on what they have here, it should be pretty damn good.”

- This Noise Is Ours

(Review of The Introspect) 



Technical Damage Is:

Peter Bagchi - Guitars
Harrison Shaw - Guitars
Michael Bagchi - Drums
Chris McIlroy - Bass
Kurtis Jeffrey - Vocals



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/technicaldamageofficial/

Bandcamp: https://technicaldamage.bandcamp.com/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfKBQZL1F8R6XQ2G3OpsMsw​

Twitter: https://twitter.com/technicaldamage

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/technicaldamage/



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