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19th Decimate Metalfest Band Announced - Insvrgence (Austin, TX)

March 5, 2018


Pissed off, politically charged hardcore” is a title that INSVRGENCE wears with pride, playing no nonsense, in your face hardcore, that directly targets social/political issues of modern society.


"Insvrgence’s blend of hardcore is no-nonsense and in your face, all the while directly targeting political and social issues that plague modern society.

Fans of The Acacia Strain, Remembering Never, First Blood, Rage Against the Machine, and The Ghost Inside will certainly be drawn to Insvrgence.

“Every Living Creature Dies Alone is about growing up and discovering how sugar-coated and watered down the explanations of the real world really are. The path of least resistance in this country is to fall in line and be a cog in the corporate machine, whether at entry or middle management levels, and to work to pay off debts for loans that are meant to be owed indefinitely.

“This pre-determined plan is not the avenue towards true happiness and a fulfilling life. We in INSVRGENCE hope to demonstrate that classism promotes the misguided idea that one’s perceived self importance ranks higher than the actual livelihood of another. This toxic mentality needs to be expunged from our culture.

“Humanity is not only equal in death but also in life. The central message is that, in death, whether rich or poor, we are all equal at the end of the line. Some of the socioeconomic issues discussed on Every Living Creature Dies Alone include income disparity, the lack of integrity and accountability in journalism, the demonization of the poor, white privilege and other indoctrinated forms of bigotry, corporate responsibility and business ethics, our broken healthcare system, and many more. We don’t claim to have the answers, but we hope to enlighten those who connect with us to abandon apathy and defeatist thoughts about the problems of the world and to take action.”

Imagine a bus full of bears with C-4s strapped to their chests, running into a power plant. That should give you an idea of what Insvrgence sound like."

- http://atomsplitterpr.com


Insvrgence is:






Check out the HD music video for their newest single "Fever Dream"



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